Respiro UR+

Respiro is born to support cobots in handling applications, in the field of logistics and packaging.

It is an electrical vacuum generator, independent of compressed air. With its two separated air circuits is very easy to set up a load-unload appliction. To complete Respiro is needed a gripper, using its builtin mechanical tool changer. We offer different solution with our CarboGrip, made in carbon, from 1 to 8 vacuum cups.
Thanks to the URCap, Respiro can be perfectly adapted to fulfill your individual needs.

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Universal Robots+ Certified


  • Built-in electric vacuum pump
  • Dual gripping feature: A and B channels can be programmed individually
  • No external air supply needed
  • Integrated software
  • Internal PLC to react in case of air leak
  • Internal PLC to automatic Blow after release

  • Air Supply: Internal
  • Weight: 1.14 Kg
  • Vacuum Level: 63%
  • Vacuum Flow: 3 L/Min
  • Payload: 25 Kg
  • End Effector: 1 -20 Cups
  • Compatibility: Universal Robots, Hanwha